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Statement in Response to Launch of Industry Campaign Against Effort to Address California’s Plastic Pollution Crisis

Jennifer Fearing
March 03, 2022


Jennifer Fearing, [email protected], 916-992-3667
Juvenio Guerra, [email protected], 310-755-0590

March 3, 2022 (Sacramento) - One day after the
United Nations announced a 175-nation commitment to enact a global plastics treaty, industries responsible for driving the incalculably high cost to communities and the planet caused by the exponential growth of plastic packaging responded by making clear they are unwilling to bear any responsibility.

Their new campaign makes clear that instead of heeding the global call to reduce plastic production, they will double down on a cynical bet that Californians don't see the plastic waste choking our neighborhoods, rivers, beaches, and oceans. Faced with the prospect of paying a penny for each plastic package they generate, they say they’ll raise prices on all their customers, pump out more plastic, and keep sticking families, small businesses, and local governments with the trash bill.

We are confident that Californians are fed up with single-use plastic packaging and will vote yes in November to mandate that plastic producers that won’t stop inflicting it on us and the environment pay some of the costs associated with the pollution they cause.

Join dozens of environmental, environmental health, and agriculture organizations, solid waste and recycling companies, businesses, local governments, and elected officials in the campaign to stop plastic pollution in California by visiting